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CP 79 : 1999 Safety Management System for Construction Worksites

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This code represents a standard of good practice and has been prepared with the objective of formulating the discipline to which these procedures should conform. It also stipulates requirements for the 13 elements in the Regulations and an additional element on Occupational Health. It is intended for those involved in construction activities especially those in the preparation, supervision and execution of major construction works. This code is also recommended to be used by the occupier of a worksite where the contract sum of the work to be carried out is less than $10 million. It forms a basis for audit and review of the safety management system.

Benefits of CP 79
  • Improves productivity through reduction of workplace accidents
  • Prevents downtime or costs related to accidents
  • Credibility and image improved amongst stakeholders, customers and the public
  • Legislative compliance and awareness
What can CCIS do for you?
CCIS provides consultancy services to guide your organisation through the stages of development, implementation and trial audit.

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