Singapore’s knowledgeable ISO consultancy team

As a team of specialists with a mission to provide businesses with the knowledge and expertise in ensuring the appropriate certification for their company, CCIS specialises in training, consulting and auditing in bizSAFE and ISO related services such as Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety across Singapore.

Our team of auditors are certified in fulfilling your regular auditing requirements, allowing you to continue with approved work and ensuring you’re educated in the appropriate health and safety regulations.

Our consultants are able to provide you with the necessary information for ISO certification in order to get your business growing across a wider platform. Our training services will also provide you with the information necessary to conduct an internal audit. So, whether you’re looking to learn more about ensuring the appropriate workplace health and safety in your organisation or need information on environmental protection, the CCIS team is readily available.

Auditing specialists for your business

Our training, courses and auditors will help you secure a certificate for your business. Certain certificates are essential documents for most businesses to continue with the work, so assuring you have the right understanding will save you time and money, as well as keeping your team safe.

Our specialised consultancy, auditing and training services include:


CCIS Consultants can help!

Don’t get caught without the right certifications, ensure your company continues to thrive in a safe and responsible manner by getting the right assistance. Avoiding the implementation of these rules and regulations could potentially cause further damage to staff or your workplace, resulting in costly bills that will affect your profits.

Our knowledgeable, professional team are able to assist you in getting the right knowledge and the right certification for optimising or expanding your business. Whether you distribute food to consumers, or provide medical supplies to professionals,  you may require certain certifications to allow your business to continue.

If you’re after training or auditors for your business’s requirements, talk to our team at CCIS today.

CCIS is proud to be the FIRST bizSAFE Service Provider to be awarded with bizSAFE Level 3 by Workplace Safety and Health Council (WSHC) / Ministry of Manpower (MOM)