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bizSAFE Partner

Become a bizSAFE partner with CCIS

The best way for a workplace to thrive is to create an environment that is safe, secure and well-monitored by professionals. If you’d like to provide assurance to workers under your care that they’ll leave safe and healthy at the end of every day, attaining bizSAFE partner status is the perfect option.

bizSAFE is a programme designed to help companies in growing their health and safety capabilities. Becoming a bizSAFE partner will help to improve your workers’ safety and allow for safe practices in the workplace. No matter the business – commercial or industrial – the right understanding of workplace health and safety is a crucial factor to success.

Apply as a new bizSAFE partner or apply for a renewal

To apply for bizSAFE Partner (New/Renewal), an organisation has to fulfil the following criteria:

  1. The organisation must engage or have engaged contractors or subcontractors to perform work;
  2. The organisation shall not be on Ministry of Manpower’s Business Under Surveillance (BUS) programme;
  3. The organisation must state in the procurement specification(s) that its vendors, contractors and subcontractors must be bizSAFE Level 1 or above. In addition, the appointed vendors, contractors and subcontractors must undertake to reach bizSAFE Level 3 within 24 months; and
  4. The organization is either:
      • SS506 certified; or
      • ISO 45001 certified with a recent Risk Management (RM) Implementation Audit Report conducted by an MOM-Approved WSH Auditor; or
      • bizSAFE Level 3 or higher; or
      • SMA/ SMC certified; or
      • Effectively implemented Risk Management System, supported with a recent RM Implementation Audit Report conducted by an MOM-Approved WSH Auditor.

    What can CCIS do for you?

    CCIS is an SAC Approved WSH Auditing Organisation comprising auditors that are fully competent in auditing your RM Implementation. Contact us today for a non-obligatory quote for both new applications and renewals of your bizSAFE Partner status! We also offer training for bizSAFE Level 2 and more!

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