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bizSAFE Level 4

Develop a Workplace Safety & Health Management System (WSHMS) Implementation Plan – bizSAFE Level 4 (Synchronous E-Learning)

TSC Code: WPH-WSH-4086-1.1 Workplace Safety and Health System Management / Course Ref: TGS-2021001842

Why should you get certified for bizSAFE Level 4?

The bizSAFE Level 4 Course provides learners with the knowledge and skills to be a WSHMS Program Lead so that the organisation can develop a WSHMS implementation plan to meet the requirements of Singapore Standard (SS) 506 and risk management code of practice. It entails reviewing the organisation’s current WSH policy, risk management plan, WSH objectives and programmes. It also includes establishing frameworks for WSH management programmes and emergency preparedness and response plans in accordance with organisational safety and health needs, legal obligations under the WSH Act and other requirements. At the end of this bizSAFE module, the organisation will be awarded with the WSQ Statement of Attainment in recognition of bizSAFE (level 4) by the Workplace Safety and Health Council.

Who should apply for bizSAFE Level 4?

The occupations that this unit would be relevant to include but are not limited to:

  • Management
  • Health and Safety personnel
  • Line supervisors

bizSAFE Level 4 Course Content

  • Introduction of Workplace Safety and Health Management System
  • Review WSH Policy and Risk Management Plan for Deficiencies
  • Apply Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Methodology
  • Comply Legal and Other Requirements in Singapore
  • Set WSH Objectives and Determine Specific Programme(s)
  • Establish WSH Management Programme Framework
  • Establish WSH Resources, Roles, Responsibility, Accountability and Authority
  • Establish WSH Awareness and Training Programme
  • Establish WSH Communication Procedure
  • Establish WSH Documentation System
  • Develop Operational Control to Manage the WSH Risks to an Acceptable Level
  • Establish a Framework for Organisational Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan
  • Develop Performance Measurement and Monitoring Procedure to Monitor and Measure WSH Performance
  • Evaluation of Compliance
  • Develop Processes for Investigation and Reporting of Accident/Incident
  • Control of Records
  • Establish an Internal Audit Programme
  • Conduct Management Review of WSH Management System

Apply For bizSAFE Level 4 Now

To apply for bizSAFE Level 4, register via our course registration form and we will be in touch with you about the next steps.

If you have any queries, please contact us.



Terms & Conditions:

  • The costings above are inclusive of GST
  • If your company profile is classified as an SME with SSG, 70% of the course fee (before GST) is funded
  • If your company profile is classified as a non-SME with SSG, 50% of the course fee (before GST) is funded
  • Upon receiving your application, we will perform the grant application for you (for eligible participants)
  • If a participant fails the course or fails to meet the 75% attendance, your organisation will not be eligible for funding for that participant and CCIS will also bill your organisation for the full course fee for that participant
  • Retests are permitted once per participant and priced at S$109 w/ GST per participant (not eligible for funding)
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