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IMS Specialists

With a track record of a 7-in-1 IMS system, CCIS offers a suite of services
to help you identify risks and implement controls whilst achieving
certification. Start implementing BCM, ISMS, ABMS and more with ease


Public or in-house customised training for bizSAFE, Internal Auditors and others


Risk-Free Management Systems, ISO Management Systems
such as International or Singapore Standards


bizSAFE or mandatory audits such as SHMS or ConSASS

ISO Conversion

Upgrade to the latest ISO standards!
Hassle-free conversion of Management Manual and Management Procedures

CCIS: Your Trusted ISO Consultant & 

bizSAFE Training Provider in Singapore


Get ISO Consultancy & bizSAFE Training At CCIS Singapore Now

Established since 1992, we meet your needs as ISO and bizSAFE Consultants, Trainers, Auditors | SAC Accredited Auditing Organisation (SAC-AO) | MOM Accredited Training Provider (ATP) | MOM Approved Risk Consultant (ARC) | MOM Approved Workplace Safety & Health Auditing Organisation (WSHAO)
| SSG Approved Training Organisation (ATO) | bizSAFE Service Provider (BSP)

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  1. Public or in-house customised training for bizSAFE such as bizSAFE level 2 course, Internal Auditors and others


ISO and Risk & Management Systems such as International or Singapore Standards, ISO 14001 & more


bizSAFE or mandatory audits such as SHMS or ConSASS

Risk Management

Consultancy services available to help your organisation comply with the WSH Act

Singapore’s knowledgeable ISO consultancy team

As a team of specialists with a mission to provide businesses with the knowledge and expertise in attaining the appropriate certification, CCIS specialises in providing training, consulting and auditing services for  bizSAFE and ISO-related areas such as Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety in Singapore.

Our team of auditors are certified in fulfilling your regular auditing requirements, allowing you to continue with approved work and ensuring that you’re educated on the appropriate health and safety regulations.

Our consultants are able to provide you with the necessary information for ISO certification to ensure your business’ growth across a wider platform. Our training services will also provide you with the information necessary to conduct an internal audit. Whether you’re looking to learn more about enforcing the appropriate workplace health and safety standards in your organisation or need information on environmental protection, the CCIS team is always ready to help.

Auditing specialists for your business

Our training, courses and auditors will help you secure a certificate for your business. Certain certificates are essential documents for most businesses to continue operating, so ensuring that you have the right understanding of what is required will save you loads of time and money, and also keep your team safe.

Contact us today to find out how your organisation can benefit from our bizSAFE training courses, auditing & ISO consultancy services.

Auditor was very good and professional. She conducted a thorough check of our system. We would like to thank the auditor for her advice on things that required additional attention from our team. Office team provided excellent support with prompt responses!

Chong Beng Engineering Pte Ltd

Third-Party Internal Audit for Integrated Management System (IMS)

Training was very good! Good interaction between the trainer and the participants. Questions posed by the trainer helped contribute to our ground work for SWOT analysis. We were asked to brainstorm together, and this helped us to understand the concepts better. Definitely do not regret engaging CCIS!

CCIC Singapore Pte Ltd

ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Awareness Workshop

Audit was fantastic! The auditor was very professional. During the closing meeting, he shared his experience and a lot of useful information relevant to WSH with us. He not only shared these with me but with my supervisor and worker too. Really appreciate the value adds from the auditor. To us, bizSAFE is a bonus but complying with the WSH Act and providing a safe environment for our employees is most important! Thank you CCIS!

Vallen Singapore Pte Ltd

WSH RM Audit for bizSAFE

Consultant was VERY VERY GOOD! She is not only detailed but extremely experienced. Every question that we asked, she was able to answer. Her knowledge in ISO and our industry is excellent. Can’t think of where she could improve as she’s really experienced.

JXC Pte Ltd

ISO 45001:2018 Consultancy

The training was very enjoyable and engaging as we got to participate in group tests/exercises. This was very helpful as it helped us understand the concepts better. With group participation, the session was more engaging & beneficial for better learning outcomes.

Architects 61 Pte Ltd

Internal Auditors Training

The auditor is very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. As it was my first time going through an internal audit, the auditor helped to advice me on the gaps that I have and what I should do for close-out before our certification audit. He is very humble and professional at the same time. I appreciate the good advice that he gave me during our session!

Apex Sealing Technologies Pte Ltd

Third-Party Internal Audit for ISO 45001:2018

I will recommend CCIS if any of our clients need their service! CCIS’ service is very good. Their consultant was very efficient. We needed the service to be completed within a short time frame, and they delivered within target. Their office provides fast response and they were able to handle my case promptly. Our external audit was a breeze and we have received the good news from our external auditor that we have passed the audit.

Jack Huat Engineering & Construction Pte Ltd

Safety Consultancy

The consultant was very good and very detailed e.g. whenever we asked her questions, she would explain in concepts that were easy for us to understand. She was extremely helpful and very experienced in my industry. Initially, we thought that going for ISO 9001:2015 would be stressful, but she helped alleviate a lot of our stress. She was able to stimulate interest in our team and her sessions were not boring at all. CCIS’ office team provided very fast response and support to us. We will introduce more clients to CCIS!

Golden Ben Printer Pte Ltd

ISO 9001:2015 Consultancy

Our QEHS used to be separate systems. After engaging CCIS to integrate all 3 systems, we have noticed substantial time savings. We no longer have to write individual management review minutes for each system. The lead consultant assigned to our project was experienced and knowledgeable! Operations team at CCIS is also very helpful as they contact us regularly to share relevant market information. Thank you for the good support from the team at CCIS!

Kajima Overseas Asia (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Integrated Management System (IMS)

The auditor was able to answer the questions that we asked, and he also knows the industry practices very well. He managed our document review and the whole audit procedure with much expertise. I have learned a lot about preparing documents properly too. We are happy with CCIS’ service, prompt and professional. Thanks for the great work!

Nikon Singapore Pte Ltd

WSH RM Audit for bizSAFE

CCIS Singapore Pte Ltd
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