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ConSASS Audit

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Simple, fast auditing with ConSASS

The Construction Safety Audit Scoring System (ConSASS) is an audit tool which provides an independent assessment of the safety and health management system at a worksite.

From 1 Aug 2011, all construction worksites with a contract sum of S$30 million or more are required to have their mandatory SHMS audits conducted based on the ConSASS audit checklist.

ConSASS provides a profile of the development status and maturity level of each component of a worksite’s safety and health management system. This helps management to better allocate resources in order to elevate standard and improve the effectiveness in managing a worksite’s safety and health risks. As an assessment tool, ConSASS can be used for cross-comparison between worksites in relation to their effectiveness in managing workplace safety and health risks.

Benefits of ConSASS for Construction Companies

  • It allows quick and easy visualisation of the development status of different components in the safety and health management system
  • Allows cross comparison of worksites’ effectiveness in managing safety and health risks
  • Helps in allocation of resources to improve the sites’ safety and health management system
  • It can act as a source of motivation to strive for improvement in managing safety and health risks
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