bizSAFE Level 3

How to achieve bizSAFE Level 3?

CCIS prides itself in providing a one stop service for its clients. Look no further as we provide all three services (training, consulting and auditing) to help your organisation achieve its bizSAFE Level 3 ambition.


bizSAFE Level 1

The registered Director in your ACRA must attend the bizSAFE Level 1 CEO/Top Management Course. Under special circumstances, your organisation may send a representative instead of the registered Director for the bizSAFE Level 1 course. However, the representative must belong to the top 3 tiers of your organisational chart.


bizSAFE Level 2

Your organisation must also send your functional heads for the bizSAFE Level 2 course on Develop a Risk Management Implementation Plan. The attendees for bizSAFE Level 1 and bizSAFE Level 2 should not be the same personnel, unless under special circumstances.


bizSAFE Level 3

Your workplace must have its Risk Management (RM) Implementation audited by an MOM Approved WSH auditor.


Did you know?

A “direct entry” into bizSAFE Level 3 is possible if your organisation obtains a Safety Management Certificate (SMC). CCIS also provides consultancy services for clients who wish to pursue SMC.


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