How to achieve bizSAFE STAR?


bizSAFE Level 1

The registered Director in your ACRA must attend the bizSAFE Level 1 CEO/Top Management Course. Under special circumstances, your organisation may send a representative instead of the registered Director for the bizSAFE Level 1 course. However, the representative must belong to the top 3 tiers of your organisational chart.


bizSAFE Level 2

Your organisation must also send your functional heads for the bizSAFE Level 2 course on Develop a Risk Management Implementation Plan. The attendees for bizSAFE Level 1 and bizSAFE Level 2 should not be the same personnel, unless under special circumstances.


bizSAFE Level 3

Your workplace must have its Risk Management (RM) Implementation audited by an MOM Approved WSH auditor.


bizSAFE Level 4

Send at least 1 representative (preferably your RM Champion or someone in your RM team) for the bizSAFE Level 4 course on Develop a Workplace Safety and Health Management System (WSHMS) Implementation Plan.



Your organisation will need to obtain either (1) OHSAS 18001:2007 (International Standard on Occupational Health and Safety Management System) OR (2) SS 506 (Singapore Standard on Occupational Safety and Health Management System). For companies that select the OHSAS route, you will need an RM Implementation Audit Report issued by an MOM Approved WSH Auditor.


Did you know?

A “direct entry” into bizSAFE STAR is possible if your organisation has already obtained or obtains either OHSAS 18001:2007 or SS 506 i.e. you can skip bizSAFE Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4. However, for organisations that choose the OHSAS 18001:2007 route, you still need to get your RM Implementation audited by an MOM Approved WSH Auditor like CCIS.


How can we help?

CCIS provides consultancy services in helping organisations achieve either OHSAS 18001 or SS 506 for their bizSAFE STAR ambition. We also run trainings for bizSAFE Level 1 every fortnight, bizSAFE Level 2 every week and bizSAFE Level 4 on a monthly basis. Kick start your bizSAFE journey by contacting us today!