Topic Company Name Comment
Internal Quality Audit OneSystems Technologies Pte Ltd Pearl Ang We really find the consultant to be really good! She has the ability in preventing the whole internal audit class from dozing off! Compliments to her! Cheers!
Internal Quality Audit Or Kim Peow Contractors Pte Ltd Paul Chieng Case studies/exercises are very useful to understand the Internal Quality Audit class course for ISO 9001 requirements. 
HACCP Seiko Marine Products Mr. April Valdeo Great HACCP seminar, learn a lot of things specially to all beginners / new staff of every company. 
HACCP Quantum Supplies Mr. Nor Jamnah Nayan The instructor is very clear, attentive to HACCP participants. 
OHSAS 18001 Huationg Contractor Pte Ltd   Is a helpful Seminar guide us for necessary preparation for OHSAS 18001. 
OHSAS 18001 Jian Man Construction Pte Ltd   Speaker very experienced, a lot of practical relevant experience to share unlike other OHSAS 18001 awareness seminars only touched on theory. 
bizSAFE Level 2 OSO Ristorante Pte Ltd Ms .Sri Gayathri Trainer was very clear with her teachings. She kept me alert through "Fun Talk" in btw. Her one-on-one was excellent. Thank you CCIS!
bizSAFE Level 2 Orchard Hotel Ms. Linda Lewis Thank you CCIS, it has been interesting and fun to go through the 2 days, which we normally find it difficult to settle in, especially with our active cells being operations staff. It is your success to keep is (most of us) awake & alert 
bizSAFE Level 2 Dorma Far East Pte Ltd Mr. Rowasn Tan Excellent Trainer - Good knowledge and good ability in importing her knowledge. She make the lecture very interesting with good case studies
bizSAFE Level 1 Sembcorp Design and Construction Pte Ltd    The presentation is easy to understand & systematic. The PowerPoint slide are well formulated. The presenter has excellent delivery skills to make the talk interesting & entertaining
bizSAFE Level 1 Marine Equipment Pte Ltd Mr. Ng Kwang Choo (VP-Operations)  The message and lecture in the bizSAFE Level 1 course is clear and simple enough to understand. Overall, it is a very good class. 
bizSAFE Level 2  The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore Ms. Jean Wong Trainer was extremely patient and he was able to customize his training to our local context. We learned a lot from him. 
bizSAFE Level 2  The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore Sivaprakash A/L Bulogam He was very friendly and able to answer any question that we asked in the training. He is a GOOD teacher 
bizSAFE Level 2  GTS Benjamin Industries (S) Pte Ltd Mr. Jordon Chew Trainer was a very good speaker, able to be on the same frequency as the class.
bizSAFE Level 1  YNY Design + Construction Pte Ltd Mr.Yu Kok Chew Trainer was outstanding, she getting us to understand that course objective. 
bizSAFE Level 1  Equatorial Petroleum Enterprise Pte Ltd Mr. Jasper Ang Excellent Delivery to ensure clear and simple understanding of the workshop.
bizSAFE Level 2  Saniton Ceramic Pte Ltd Mr. Jeffery Tan Very descriptive and complete course, within a very conducive environment and generate a lot of interests
bizSAFE Level 4 Toh Eng Hock Construction Pte Ltd Mr Alan Chan Instructor was able to relate to context and correlate to the local legal safety system
bizSAFE Level 4 Mero Asia Pacific Pte Ltd Mr Thor Yew Huat The instructor was very sound on WSH & even MOM requirements; also very good on case studies and management planning
bizSAFE Level 4 EMAC Pte Ltd Ms Tan Peck Gek He has been enriching sharing of experience in the lecture and with classmates
bizSAFE Level 4 Hup Leck Heavy Equipment Services Pte Ltd Ms Jasz Chan  Thoughtful training provider with extremely knowledgeable speaker who never failed to keep the class engrossed with his case studies and experience. 
bizSAFE Level 4 Optiled Lighting (South East Asia) Pte. Ltd. Ms Angelina Lim Good trainer. Good mixture of professionals from different industries and sharing of experience. 
bizSAFE Level 4 Seong Construction Pte Ltd Mr Qu Jin Yong Trainer truly understood true safety and illustrated in a simple & practical manner. I enjoyed the class. Thank You!