How to Pass the New bizSAFE Audit with Ease (RM 2.0 & SGSecure)

New Requirements for bizSAFE Audit

Risk Management Version 2.0 and SGSecure have both been introduced into the bizSAFE audit checklist since Nov 2015 and Sept 2017 respectively. This impacts on businesses going for renewal as the new requirements have to be added into their existing Risk Management documents prior to their audit. Some Examples include:

(1) Bomb/Terrorist threats will have to be addressed in your Risk Assessment

(2) An SGSecure Representative will have to be appointed in your organisation

(3) Inclusion of non-routine work in your Risk Assessment

(4) Address SGSecure objectives in WSH Policy (and more)


Join us for our 1/2 day RM 2.0 & SGSecure class (How to Pass the New bizSAFE Audit with Ease) and find out more about the new requirements before your renewal audit!


Course Content

(1) RM 2.0 Background
(2) What’s new in RM 2.0
(3) Why RM 2.0
(4) SGSecure new requirements
(5) How-to
(6) Calling for Attention
(7) FAQs
(8) What’s Next?
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